TerraDol provides innovative services to satisfy our customer’s special demands with most efficient and environmental quality.

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TerraDol offers a wide range of innovative specialty construction products that includes: Fabulex, ReEn Hi-FA, and construction steels.

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Research & Development

Our Research & Development service line includes a diverse set of dynamic activities that vary by subjects.

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TerraDol is a world leading engineering and consulting firm. TerraDol currently provides three service lines: Engineering, Products, and Research & Development. Engineering service line includes Design & Construction Support, Numerical Modeling & Analysis, and Geophysical Exploration Services. We are currently supplying a variety of construction materials including Fabulex (Expandable Rock Bolting System) and ReEn Hi-FA220 (Non Dispersion Grout Admixture). Throughout research and development programs, TerraDol builds and implements strategic services and collaborative resources that span across disciplinary and administrative barriers within the firm and beyond. TerraDol is here to provide quality products and services to meet our customers’ expectations & satisfaction for their future growth. With this in mind, we will ensure that TerraDol facilities are the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the world.