Construction Management

cm2TerraDol’s construction management expertise is engaged from the initial stage of the project to completion. Our highly experienced construction management team provides site planning, work packaging and interfaces, logistics, and procurement. As the project progresses through design and into construction the team conducts constructability reviews, prepare and check construction cost estimates, provide construction alternative assessments, advise value engineering, manage and negotiate contractor selection and prepare for the start of construction.

We understand that one of the most critical control element for civil and architect project delivery is the schedule. Our construction management team is an expert in from setting up baseline schedule to using it as a tool to anticipate any issues which they become problematic.

Our service includes:

  • Administrative service on the construction contracts
  • Assure materials and equipment delivery, storage and handling
  • Inspect the works to ensure compliance with the design requirements
  • Manage the identification and resolution of contractor RFIs, FCRs, etc.
  • Maintain written and photographic records of the work

As construction progresses toward commissioning, the CM team works with the construction team to assemble the detailed commissioning plans, provide factory and site acceptance test witnessing, and oversee the contractors performance of all commissioning activities to ensure a smooth handover to the owner.