Home_3TerraDol offers a wide range of innovative specialty construction products that includes: Fabulex (expandable rock bolting system) and ReEn Hi-FA 220 (Non-Dispersion Grout Admixture – NGA). As a worldwide leader in the construction products industry, TerraDol’s products are specified by engineers and are used by contractors in geotechnical and tunneling industry. TerraDol’s quality products have been used in major construction projects around the globe.  Many of the world’s most challenging geotechnical and tunnel construction problems have been solved by TerraDol’s premium construction products. We have worked with our clients across multiple global and regional construction market cycles. Together with our clients, we develop strategies & tactics that will deliver successful results.

Here are our featured products.

FABULEX: Expandable Rock Bolt System

ReEn Hi-FA 220: Non-Dispersion Grout Admixture