Ultra Corrosion Resistant PosMAC steel expandable rock bolts, FABULEX®

 TerraDol’s undying focus on the research and development of steel material products has adopted PosMAC, a revolutionary plated steel sheet that is five to  ten  times more resistant to rust and corrosion than existing versions. A new FABULEX is an upgrade of existing generic plated steel imbued with resistance  to the  corrosion of the cut edges that is superior to competing products in strength and resilience.

 Thanks to technical advance and efforts to keep low cost, TerraDol enables to provide the newer version of Ultra Corrosion Resistance PosMAC Steel  FABULEX for the same price with the conventional steel expandable rock bolts.


Growing Need for Ultra Corrosion Resistant Rock Bolts

corrosion_2Steel is an essential material for FABULEX, but exposure to water, salt, or oxidation can cause it to rust.  Rust and corrosion can drastically reduce the safety of underground structures by posing a constant potential threat to their structural stability.  Additionally, rust has a negative effect on the aesthetics of a structure and its surrounding environment.  There has been a jump in interest and demand for corrosion resistant rock bolt systems to preserve long term stability of tunnels.     

What is PosMac?

PosMAC is an ultra corrosion resistant alloyed steel plate. PosMAC is five to ten times more resistant to rust and corrosion than existing alloy steel. Compared to other corrosion resistant material such as stainless steel, the revolutionary PosMAC is highly sought after not only for its strength and resistance but also for its affordability.

PosMAC is highly resistant not only to rust in general, but also to alkali, scratches and steel section corrosion. The magnesium in PosMAC’s plating has highly stable corrosion resistant properties, preventing the steel plate from corrosion.

Fabulex: Expandable Rock Bolting System


  • Advanced ground reinforcement technology
  • Injecting high water pressure (4,000 psi) to expand
  • Strong interlocking with surrounding rocks
  • Mechanical gearing and high frictional force
  • Quicker and easier to install
  • Made of high strength steels
  • Minimum 20% elongation
  • Economical, fast, and safe rock support system






Installation video