ReEn Hi-FA

Description Hifa_1

ReEn Hi-FA (High Performance & Multi Functional Agent) is a new Non-dispersion Grout Admixture (NGA) developed for cement grouting admixture in water environment construction. Unlike similar Anti-Washout Admixture (AWA) products, ReEn Hi-FA is formed with mixed surfactants system and has both viscous and transmittable characteristics during casting under water.  ReEn Hi-FA provides a reliable, cost effective grouting solution for your challenging construction projects. Application includes, but not limited, to grouting to tunnels under water, bridge foundation, slopes with water flowing condition, grouting at gravels/rubbles, residential use to repair swimming pools and so on. ReEn Hi-FA is manufactured either in liquid state (ReEn Hi-FA 220) or in solid powder state (ReEn Hi-FA 500P).

Dosage RecommendationHifa_2

ReEn Hi-FA is recommended for use at a dosage range of 2 to 3 percent of water used in cement mix for conventional cement grout purpose. Because of variations in materials, job site conditions and/or applications, dosages outside of the recommended range may be required.



Hi-FA GREEN GROUTING: New Innovative Grouting Methodology

HGG (Hi-FA Green Grouting) is a new innovative, hybrid grouting methodology using Hi-FA. HGG has been widely used in civil construction projects since it has been developed in 2010. HGG is especially efficient ground improvement method for gravel or sandy gravel with water flowing condition while it can be applied in all types of ground. HGG is cost effective, efficient and environment friendly ground improvement method. HGG produces no slime, no washout of cement, and minimum water contamination. HGG induces no or minimum impact on adjacent structures by utilizing no-pressure or very low-pressure grouting system using Hi-FA.


Application to Tunneling:

  • Ground improvement for underwater tunnel project.
  • 725 to 1,450 psi of post grouting strength obtained.
  • Highly effective in water proofing strength obtained.

Application to Bridge Foundation:

  • New foundation construction adjacent to existing bridge pier structures.
  • Ground improvement is warranted to minimize impact on the bridge super structures.
  • Hi-FA grout is selected due to high mobility, low pressure grouting to minimize ground movement, and environmental friendly grouting method.
  • 9,500 to 10,900 psi of post grouting strength obtained.

Hi-FA Charateristics Testing Videos