Detection & Mitigation of Subsurface Abnormal Voids

rd_1Problem Statements

  • Sinkhole caused surface building damage is a big concern to the insurance companies in South East parts of USA
  • Pothole and cave-in caused vehicle damage results in a number of claims to the city governments in North East and Midwest in USA
  • Subsurface abnormal voids are big concern to DOT, Transit Authority, City and State governments, and FHWA
  • Current strategy is to fix after damage occurs
  • Filling of sinkhole with conventional cement grout does not work as the grouts are washed out within few years


  • Detect abnormal subsurface voids using advanced exploration techniques
  • Filling the voids with innovative non-dispersion grout materials such as Hi-FA cement grout

Subsurface abnormal void detection techniques

  • Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Electrical Resistivity Survey (ER)



TerraDol is currently conducting a research for this topic and preparing a field application to detect subsurface abnormal voids and develop effective mitigation measures. If anyone or organization wants to  participate or support this research project, please contact us.